Current rates as of 5th March, 2018:

Short Term/Weekly Rates

Ad Slot Length
Weekly Rate
15 N/A
30 BBD $575
BBD $250 
Custom $CALL

Long Term/Monthly Rates

Ad Slot Length
Monthly Rate
15 N/A
30 BBD $1800
BBD $800
Custom $CALL

The Bus Terminal Network’s advertising rates are priced based on weekly or monthly bookings for a particular length of time you want for your ad to be displayed on the screens over and over again. It is not per print/publication as within a newspaper which is discarded at the end of the day. Neither is it per rotation/spin like television ads.

Compare the cost of traditional advertising using Television(per single play) and Newspaper(daily) to The Bus Terminal Network(monthly).

Bus Terminal Network

  • 30 second ad slot, monthly contract(SPECIAL)

Local Television

  • 30 second ad play, during newscast

Local Newspaper

  • Sunday, half page, full colour

Television vs Bus Terminal Network

A 30 second advertisement showing every 30 minutes during the day for a month (avg 24 per day x 30=720) on local television may cost you a whopping BBD $2,619,014.40!!

The same 30 second advertisement, automatically scheduled to show every 15 minutes on the Bus Terminal Network, every day for a month is less than the cost of the ad appearing just one time in the newspaper, for an easy BBD $500.00!!